Hi, I'm Marco.

Welcome to my website. Your presence means you’re curious about me, which is flattering. But well, maybe it was just a mistake from Google. Anyhow, let me tell you more about myself.

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Not your average corporate guy

Hi. I’ve heard I’m an extreme guy, and maybe I am. Or am I? In some ways I am. If you decide to contact me you will see I’m a nice person, I’m just a little tired of the old ways of conducting business.


I’ve launched many projects in my life, so I guess you can call me an entrepreneur. I’ve also worked for a multinational company, and I know how to adapt to different environments.


I value people above all, and I always ask why. If you’re looking for a specialist that will simply put their head down and never look for new ways of doing the work, I’m sorry, I’m not your guy.


If your company has a culture where creatives and intrapreneurs can thrive, I’d love to talk to you. Now, if you’re still reading after everything I wrote in this section, you’re the best. Thank you for caring. Read on.

What I believe in, you ask?

I thought this might be interesting for you. Maybe it won’t. Who knows? At least you’re still reading. Here are the principles I stand by.

All cool and all, but here's what I can do for you

Glad you asked. The market doesn’t usually value people like me. I’m a jack of all trades — a generalist, if I may say. That means I’m not world-class in anything but a do I a whole lot of things well.


What it also means and companies seem to forget is that I am damn great at connecting dots, an entrepreneurial trait. By understanding business strategy, web development, inbound marketing, and other aspects of startup-life, I can generally have an overview of problems and thus come up with better solutions than the average specialist. 


The world doesn’t need yet another specialist, ma friend.

Growth Hacking


Facebook Ads


Business Strategy

Inbound Marketing

Email marketing

Google Ads


Google Analytics



Social media

Sales funnels

Many more!

What I'm currently working on

In August 2020 I launched a brand new project based in Lisbon, Portugal, where I developed a no-code platform to connect local service providers to local service seekers.

We have already onboarded over 80 local professionals. I created all the technical part of the project (landing page, platform, etc).

Find out more (and see what’s up) at https://sideline.pt.

I've also done a few things in my life. It's not all books and video-games

It's OK... don't take my word for granted

Instead, see what these good folks are talking about me.

"Marco is an extraordinary social marketer and content creator whom has the strongest customer focus you can imagine! If you have the opportunity to work with Marco you should jump on the “getting stuff done” train and enjoy the ride while reaching your goals."
Oscar Olstrom
CEO & Founder @ impactbreakfastclub.com
"Marco is a true leader and a passionate entrepreneur with expertise in digital marketing. I have a pleasure to work with Marco on a daily basis, his enthusiasm and dedication is truly inspirational. I admire Marco's approach to problem solving - effective, thinking outside the box and resulting in impactful outcome."
Diana Järve
Project Manager @ fundingbox.com

Don't tell me you're not yet convinced. What else do I need to do? I can juggle. Should I juggle?

I feel like I’m paddling against a really, really strong current. But that’s OK, it’s the story of my life. Businesses usually prefer to hire professionals and consultants that look and sound the same way. Are you a specialist, thy ask us. That’s what the market loves.

I don’t fit your average profile… but boy do I have something prepared for you. 

Let’s talk. Seriously, let’s just talk. Worst case scenario you might have lost 15 minutes of your life. Best case? Well, heavens know! Maybe we can create something beautiful together ♥

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This page was created with love by Marco in 2020.