Business Strategy

Together we can review the data your already own and build a brand new strategy that will help you grow your business. I'll use design thinking frameworks to help us get to the best strategy to your current situation.

Growth Hacking

Using a data-driven approach, we will decide on the best key-actions to take in the short-, mid- and long-term. We will develop a plan to test and optimize your current platforms, and launch new channels whenever possible.

Inbound Marketing

You already heard it: content is king. In today's day and age, a business that does not add free value to their industry simply don't exist in the mind of consumers. Based on our new strategy, we will craft a specific plan to each of the channels that make most sense, using a data-driven framework for inbound marketing.


I am an obsessive learner. I read over 30 books per year, enroll in online courses, watch online lectures and listen to podcasts on a daily basis. I could not imagine a world where I would not be constantly learning and evolving.

I started my life very humbly in Brazilian slums and made my way up by stretching such passion for self-development to its limits. I don’t know everything, and I am painfully aware of my shortcomings. However, I do believe that with the help of Google and a good amount of desire, there is almost nothing I cannot learn or achieve.

I obsessed with the task at hand, and I am the kind of person that won’t rest until the job is done.


I was born and raised in Brazilian slums, or favelas, and had little opportunity growing up. I've worked since I was 12 year old, and I moved to Portugal when I was 19 and that is when my life truly changed. I taught myself how to speak English and Spanish and moved on to learn most of the skills I have today.


I love to read and write, and I also love sports. I read about 30 books per year on business, philosophy, sociology and politics. If possible I will play football every day. And surf, I love surfing as well! In the evenings my favorite activity is spending time with my girlfriend and our cat Freya.


My ultimate dream is to be free, both professionally and personally. To be free professionally means that I can work with what I love regardless of the money. To be free personally means that I can wake up in the morning and decide if I will work or if today I will spend time with my family & friends.

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